Managing Servers


To create or edit a notebook, a server environment is required to execute your code.

We create your own private server, which is spun up at the start of your session, and then destroyed when you are done. All data to be persisted across sessions is saved back to your Atlassian instance.

Start-stop server

A server can be started from the Project Page by clicking on the ‘Server’ button, or the ‘Start-stop Server’ link in the message section.

Either option slides in the ‘Start-stop Notebook Server’ page.

Server administration

The Server Console can be accessed via the ‘Europa Servers’ sidebar menu item, or the ‘Console’ link in the message section of the Project page.

Either if these methods will open the Console page.

The Console page shows:

  1. Current Usage - number of running servers against concurrent usage limit

  2. Active Servers - which users currently have an active session

From the ‘Active Servers’ list, an administrator can shutdown a server.

In addition, any user can start their own server by clicking the ‘Start My Server’ button.